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Commander William Gerhard

Name William Elias Gerhard

Position Chief Armory Officer

Second Position Executive Officer

Rank Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 33

Physical Appearance

Height 6'4"
Weight 225
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Very tall and physically fit. His hair always has a rough look about it. He has what some would consider "hard" features that tends to put some people off.


Spouse None
Children None
Father SCPO Edgar Gerhard (Ret.)
Mother Sigrid Gerhard
Brother(s) Captain Norman Gerhard (Captain of ECS CARL GUSTAV)
Sister(s) None

Personality & Traits

General Overview William is generally quiet and reserved due to a rough childhood. Due to his personal demons, he has difficulty trusting others. There are few people he considers friends. William enjoys getting his hands dirty and is very dedicated to his work. His quiet nature means he spends more time working than socializing.
Strengths & Weaknesses STRENGTHS
Extensive starship weapons and tactics knowledge
Hand to hand combat expert
Phase pistol and rifle expert
Explosive Ordinance Disposal expert
Prior enlisted service

Has a bit of a temper
Ambitions William is a career Starfleet officer. He hopes to make it to his own command
Hobbies & Interests William enjoys training to perfect his hand to hand combat skills and perfecting his phase pistol and rifle shooting. He also runs simulations to perfect his starship combat tactics. He also enjoys constructing models of older sailing ships in his limited spare time.
William's native tongue is Swedish, but he is highly fluent in English and German and knows alittle bit of French.

Personal History William was born in Stockholm. His father, Senior Chief Edgar Gerhard, was a career Starfleet engineer while his mother Sigrid was a stay at home mom. William was a surprise to his parents, with his older brother Norman being about five years older than he. William was constantly with in his brother's shadow, though he and Norman did remain close. William never blamed his older brother for the treatment he received from his mother. William's father was deployed for most of his childhood, and William started to turn down the wrong path. His mother sent him to live with relatives in the northern Swedish provinces in hopes that a hard and rustic environment would teach him some discipline. Living in the harsh Artic conditions turned William into a hard and resilient man, but it didn't fully cure his behavioral problems. After his father retired, William was sent back to live with his parents at the age of 16. Things came to a head when William was arrested after a run in with local authorities. Since William was a first time offender, and with some the aid of his parents, the magistrate offered William a choice: service in Starfleet or a 2 year sentence in prison. William opted to avoid prison, though this did not improve his relations with his parents. With his low grades in secondary school, William completed training with the Armory branch of Starfleet. His first ship was the INTREPID, where he was assigned as a member of a security team. After two tours on the INTREPID, William transferred to the BRADBURY where he became a security team leader. His exceptional tours of duty led to a recommendation from his CO to attend officer training at the Starfleet Academy. While at the Academy, William was able to rekindle his relationship with his older brother Norman and they correspond regularly. William's relationship with his parents remained unchanged and as such he has not spoken with them for sometime. Commissioned as a Ensign, he was assigned to the JOHANNESBURG as an Armory Officer. After two tours he was then assigned shore duty as the aide to Rear Admiral Robert Carson. During his tour, he studied at the Starfleet Armory Officer's academy and became certified in Starfleet tactics and Explosive Ordinance Disposal. Upon his completion of duty at Starfleet Headquarters with a commendation, he was recommended to become the Assistant Chief Armory Officer of the ATLANTIS. After the Vrav incident, William was promoted to Chief Armory Officer of the ATLANTIS.
Service Record Enlisted Starfleet
INTREPID, Security team member, Crewman - Petty Officer 2nd class
BRADBURY, Security team leader, Petty Officer 2nd Class - Chief Petty Officer
Starfleet Academy, Officer Cadet
JOHANNESBURG, Armory Officer, Ensign
Starfleet Headquarters, Admirals aide, Lieutenant JG
ATLANTIS, Assistant Chief Armory Officer, Lieutenant JG
ATLANTIS, Chief Armory Officer, Lieutenant JG