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Chief Petty Officer Nish Karalo

Name Nish Karalo

Position Helm Officer

Rank Chief Petty Officer

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 31

Physical Appearance

Height 1.73m
Weight 64 Kg
Hair Color Raven black
Eye Color Bright blue
Physical Description Nish keeps her toned physique with a steady regime of cardio and fitness. What usually attracts the attention of people seeing her for the first time is the stark contrast between her bright blue eyes and her dark long hair. She's been in a uniform for most of her professional life and it's what makes her most comfortable. When in casual wear she prefers hoodies and jeans with flat ballerina style shoes.


Personality & Traits

Personal History Manishie worked her way up in a local police force to attain the position of Detective, but with Earth taking to the stars and more and more resources becoming abundantly available the need for people of her particular skillset became a lot less. Which is why when the new line of NX vessels was being constructed Starfleet went out and started to recruit capable people to crew these ships she signed up for a tour.

She was assigned to the Atlantis, which subsequently got lost in space. More than 100 years from home they encountered an entity that fed on the neural energies of sapient creatures. The Atlantis was unable to track down the creature as it was psychically disguising itself from detection as Kowalski, a morale officer. When confronted by the remaining crew it started to lash out and deck by deck it destroyed the crew. Nish was dragged, barely alive, from the wreckage by the Captain, Benjamin, and together with Dr. Isaac Hughes and several others they got on an escape pod.

The creature known as Kowalski to them used his renewed energies to tear a hole between universes and jumped to a new universe. Finding an alternate version of the NX-05 Atlantis waiting for him on the other side. The escape pod was slung along with the creature into this new universe and Manishie, together with the handful of surviving crew, were reeled in from the icy grip of space.

After recovering from her injuries, and after the crew of this new Atlantis had confronted the creature they knew as John Smith, Nish was asked to think about her future on the vessel, since her counterpart in this universe was still around and doing her job. She decided to shorten her name and go by Nish, and dip into her past experience with her father as a shuttle pilot to take on duties as a helm officer.