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Ensign Anne Marie "Ree" Beckett

Name Anne Marie "Ree" Laure Beckett

Position Science Officer

Rank Ensign

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 27

Physical Appearance

Height 5'2"
Weight 128 lbs
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Dark Brown
Physical Description Ree is short, but not frail. She has a toned and athletic body well used to physical activity and sports. She has wavy dark brown hair that when loose falls to her midback and soulful dark brown eyes. Her hands are calloused and sport a fair share of thin scars. There’s a large black and white tattoo of a peony on her right shoulder, a set of reindeer horns above crossed arrows at the nape of her neck, and ‘per aspera ad astra’ on her left inner wrist.


Father Leo Beckett, Samuel Beckett
Mother Colette Whittacker (Surrogate)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Ree is a soft-spoken and gentle soul that is often underestimated because she is small, quiet, and very slow to anger. Even when celebrating she tends to be reserved, staying to the side and observing the party unfold around her. What isn’t obvious to the casual eye is that ships and halls and parties and meetings just isn’t her natural environment. Let her loose in a lab or outdoors or on a topic that she’s invested in and Ree becomes a vibrant, joyful, animated woman with passion and verve.

She tends to internalize her emotions a lot and has difficulty talking about them. She’s much more a doer than a sayer, and her emotions run very deep. When need be she can be cool, logical, focused, especially when faced with loss as she learned young the brutality of nature and the cycle of life. In love she’s clumsy and inexperienced, having not had a serious relationship ever. Her people skills in general are a little rusty having spent most of her life where the nearest neighbor was 45 kilometers away. Her first language is French, and she often drifts into it when talking to herself. She does not drink.
Strengths & Weaknesses +Very open to interdepartmental projects
+Out of the box thinker
+ Athletic
+Experienced hunter & outdoorswoman
-Tends to talk a bit too much
-Definitely not cultured
-Still wobbly on social skills
Ambitions To stay curious no matter what happens. Keep discovering and taking delight in the wonders of the universe, life and the unknown.
Hobbies & Interests Hunting (not sport), rock climbing, hiking, jogging, skiing, sledding, horseback riding, free weights, archery, fishing, boating, foraging, conservation, anything nature or animal related, range shooting, camping, astronomy, 20th century rock and roll, acoustic guitar, health nut, pool, bowling, swimming and snowball fights.

Personal History Ree was born by surrogate to Sam and Leo Beckett in Brochet, Manitoba, Canada, Earth on March 15, 2127. As the daughter of a veterinarian/rehabilitator and an environmental scientist living in an untamed corner of Manitoba, she was a bit of a wild child. Her hair was rarely brushed, knees were always skinned, half of the year dressed in as little as possible, out in nature at every chance. Her schooling was done virtually as they lived quite a ways away from town proper, and most of her playmates had four feet and a tail.

She always did well in school, earning high marks mostly because she was an overachiever who ate up praise with gusto. When not doing schooling, she accompanied one of her parents most of the time, rarely venturing into the larger cities unless it was for supplies or to pick up samples or wounded animals for the sanctuary. This continued on well into her teenaged years where it was generally expected that she’d follow in one of her parent’s footsteps. Instead, some whimsical part of her brain was courting science in general and couldn’t decide what was the best. Physical sciences were thrilling, and environmental sciences were so very meaningful- but then a professor introduced her to theoretical sciences and it was all over.

College and culture shock went hand in hand when Ree attended University in Toronto. Her roommate Rachel pretty much became a sister to her, helping her adjust and naturalize to life in the city. Shortly after her BSc, Ree started getting bids from other schools with promising offers to finish her masters degree. Among them came a challenge from one of her former professors to try the entrance testing for Starfleet. She and Rachel both applied on a whim, sure that they’d both be sent officious letters of regret, instead Ree was accepted. That wasn’t supposed to happen. Desperate curiosity had her pursue it, though, and she soon found herself packing her bags.

If Toronto was culture shock, the Academy was total devastation. Ree flew through most of her courses with high marks, but struggled in the more social courses. Public speaking gave her an ulcer. She was very close to giving up even with her fathers cheering her on until a group of her classmates got together and drug her through, prompting and studying and pushing her out of her comfort zone until she could do it without them. Ree stayed an extra two years to complete her Masters in Theoretical physics before shipping off to do her cadet cruise on the Moesley.
Service Record 2148-2152- Starfleet Training
2153 – Cadet Cruise: Moesley
2154 – Present: Atlantis