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Name Ziu'Liherasefra

Position Antagonist

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Ziu'ni
Age 23

Physical Appearance

Height 5'2"
Weight 52kg
Hair Color Variable
Eye Color Variable
Physical Description Like every other female of her species, Hera has the ability to alter the pigmentation of her hair, eyes and, to a lesser extent, her skin. She has a tendency to wield this to her advantage, certainly now that she's off-world where it is something of an aesthetic novelty that catches the attention of others. She is otherwise a petite yet compact woman, curvaceous and flexible.

Ziu'ni, considered the ruling class of the homeworld, Aona, possess a vocal tonality that is widely considered melodious and pleasing to the ear. Mild empaths, they are considered natural peacekeepers, few in number due to their low birth-rates but significant in impact when it comes to the political intricacies of their planet's relationship within the surrounding sector. The most gifted amongst them have measurable influence over the moods of those they interact with, though there is no direct cognitive manipulation beyond a general sense of optimism and contentment.


Spouse None (technically betrothed)
Children None.
Father Ziu'Elodmur
Mother Ziu'Lianimera
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None

Personality & Traits

General Overview Had life continued for Hera in the way predetermined well-before her birth, she would be well on the way to joining her parents in the Aonan Senate, presiding over the peaceful existence of the planet's various communities and contentedly married to the man biologically selected as her best chance of producing an offspring. As fate would have it, being kidnapped just after her 16th birthday and subsequently abandoned after managing to sweet-talk her captors into letting her go had set in motion a series of adventures and experiences that would forever cloud the young woman's judgement when it came to accepting the bland and docile existence carved out for her back home. By the time she had negotiated her way towards any kind of civilisation that had communication advanced enough for her to send word to her people, Hera was already enamoured with the possibilities surrounding her. She returned home unsatisfied and, unusually enough, even though it took two more years for her to complete her schooling and reach a point of relative independence, natural compliance never returned. She became an aberration, a point of friction in a system that wasn't adept at dealing with it when normal strategies failed to work. Allowing her to leave had seemed best.

Not that she'd had any intention of letting them stop her.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Still retains her people's natural capacity for soothing frayed tempers, and has an uncanny ability to talk herself out of most situations
+ Inquisitive and quick on the uptake; learns quickly
+ Curious and courageous
+ Genuinely optimistic and altruistic; serving others is ingrained and still tends to flavour her interactions

- Secretive and fickle at times
- Leans a little too much into manipulation at times, even if she means no harm by it
- Has a somewhat hedonistic love of new experiences
Ambitions To see the universe.
Hobbies & Interests As is quite common amongst her people, Hera is a musician. She also has developed a passion for learning how things work, which leans to learning how to improve how things work; her small spacecraft is evidence of this absolute fascination with constant tinkering.