Deck Listing

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Main Bridge, Captain's Ready Room, Situation Room, Airlock, Umbilical Hard Point Connection


Computer Core, Umbilical Connect Hard Point, Deuterium Tank, Aft Dorsal Phase Cannons, Secondary Research Labs, Astronomical Science Labs, Cultural Anthropology Labs, Upper Dorsal Airlocks


Computer Core, Engineering Lab, Physical Science Lab, Machine / Fabrication Shop, Waste / Water Recycling Systems, Dorsal Cargo Bay Doors, Gymnasium and Recreational Facilities, Deuterium Pump and Conditioning System, Upper Observation Deck


Main Engineering (Upper Level), Transporter, Computer Core, Command Center, Communications Center, Enlisted Officers Quarters, Cargo Bays, Main Aft Observations Room, Officers Quarters, Enlisted Officers Bathroom Area


Main Engineering (Main Level), Sickbay, Launch Bay, Ventral Cargo Bay Doors, Officers Quarters, Enlisted Officers Quarters, Inspection Pod Bay, Decon Chamber, Mess Hall, Captain's Mess, Captain's Quarters, Airlock, Escape Pods, Galley, Deflector Dish, Forward Dorsal Phase Cannons, Barber Shop, Laundry


Forward Armory, Brig, Antimatter Containment Storage, MACO Quarters (aka Barracks), MACO Training Room, Main Weapons Locker, Warhead Storage Magazine, Launch Bay Observations Deck, Lower Observations Deck, Weapons Analysis Lab, Planetary Science Lab, Aft Armory


Main Guest Quarters, Planetary Science Labs, Sensor Processing Array