Specifications - NX-05 Atlantis


Prototype warp five vessel developed by United Earth Starfleet with assistance from Vulcan High Command. The NX class serves as a multipurpose explorer and limited-use combat vessel. Starfleet has adjusted and fine-tuned the construction of the NX Class with the treasure trove of data provided by NX-01 Enterprise. Newer iterations of the class like the Atlantis feature stronger hull plating, more powerful phase cannon systems, and higher efficiency power distribution systems.


Class NX
Role Explorer
Duration 10 Years
Time Between Refits 1 Year
Time Between Resupply 6 Months


Length 225 Metres
Width 135.8 Metres
Height 33.3 Metres
Decks 7


Officers 20
Enlisted Crew 40
Marines 18
Civilians 4
Emergency Capacity 150


Cruise Speed Warp 4.5
Maximum Speed Warp 5
Emergency Speed Warp 5.2

Weapons & Defensive Systems

Shields Polarized Hull Plating
Weapon Systems 12 Phase Cannons
6 Photonic Torpedo Launchers
Armament 200 Photonic Torpedoes
50 Spatial Torpedoes

Auxiliary Craft

Shuttlebays 2
Shuttles Shuttlepod One "Odysseus"
Shuttlepod Two "Aeneas""