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A year after getting lost in space, the crew of Atlantis receives a distress call from an alien research station. Upon arrival, they discover that a deadly virus has broken out, infecting both the station's inhabitants and now their own crew. Time is of the essence as the virus threatens to spread and endanger the entire region. The crew must find a cure while dealing with the ethical dilemma of saving their own lives at the expense of potential alien lives.

What If?

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What if the Atlantis had never been lost in space? These are the adventures of the crew if things had gone a different way and they would have remained in their home region of space.

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Mission 1 - One Step forward

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The new Captain of the Atlantis sets out to recruit her senior officers and specialists. In the new era of the Coalition of Planets, the Captain must decide the makeup of her crew and determine the character of her senior staff. While many of Earth's citizens welcome the new partnership, some have begun to question the virtue of trusting aliens who refused to assist them in quelling the Xindi threat.

Mission 2 - Fallout

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After the shocking events that led the crew of Atlantis to become stranded the situation has become more dire as the food stores have been radiated. With only four days of food and water and no idea what direction might have food. In order to survive, the crew must work together to repair the ship and find nourishment before there clocks runs out.

Mission 3 - 100

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It has been three weeks since the saving of the NX Atlantis and the consequences of that to the Vrav feeding grounds and the Ud Clan. The Atlantis is following a path back to Earth but the Vrav are following close by and putting considerable strain on the ship and the crew. How will surviving in a new part of the universe change the crew and the way of life they have come to know?

Mission 4 - Eden

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The Atlantis responds to an automatic distress call and discovers a ship like nothing they have seen before. The ship has everything they ship could use to restock including fuel that is slowly running out.

Where has it come from? Why is there life signs but no signs of life on any deck that the crew go on? And why do cameras and motion sensors seem to activate all by themselves?

Mission 5 - Babel

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The crew of Atlantis decided to take a moment's reprieve on a supposedly empty planet that has no structures other than an empty tower.

As the crew pack up to leave the tower powers up and holds them in a tractor beam, knocking out the Universal Translator that was being trialled onboard before they left Earth and leaving the crew unable to speak Earth Standard among themselves.

They have to work together to secure their release whilst not being able to communicate properly.

Mission 6 - Memory

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The crew of the Atlantis have enjoyed a calm and steady couple of weeks since the Babel planet. The crew are shocked when they discover an escape pod full of crew who claim to be from the NX05 Atlantis and that a well loved member of the crew is not who they say they are and they have not been onboard as long as they say.

Who do they believe?


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The Crew of NX05 Atlantis meet an unknown warp capable species after a major issue with the warp core. They are friendly, and their warp technology is more advanced than ours. In fact, so advanced that it could significantly affect the duration of our trip home. But they won’t share their expertise no matter how hard we try and convince them. The crew is faced with a choice: do they accept the help for time and space to fix the issue and continue the long journey home, or do they take the technology and try to reverse engineer it for their benefit?